Saturday, October 17, 2015

Manhattan Beach 10k

Photo by Mark Minichiello, South Bay Running Club
Running a 10k is a lot different than the type of event I normally participate in. It is no exaggeration that the distance fazes me as much or even more than covering 50 miles in the mountains. I decided to run the Manhattan Beach 10k on October 3rd for a high tempo workout. Impressively, this South Bay race has been around since 1978 without a corporate sponsor.

The first 4.5 miles of the course is full of little rollers that barely register on the elevation profile, but make you work to maintain a steady rhythm. Then, there’s one bigger climb and a steep, but short descent before hitting the perfectly flat and smooth final mile on The Strand. In the end, I was able to shave off a few seconds from my previous best time on this course set in 2011.

I do not wear a heart rate monitor, but I do like tracking other metrics that a gps watch recording provides. For example, my average stride length in this race effort was 1.28 meters whereas in my usual training, it is around one meter. Also, my cadence in the 10k was revved up to 170 strides per minute. Various sources claim that an optimal running cadence is 180.

My focus right now is getting some consistent mileage. In November, I am going to take on two tough 50 mile races, Ray Miller and Santa Barbara Red Rock. I am anxious to see how the weather plays out in Southern California this Winter. The El Nino pattern is set to bring significantly more rain to the area. I hope it goes a long way towards digging us out of the current historic drought. We have already seen some dramatic flash floods and thunderstorms. Be safe, my mountain friends.

Shout out to my new South Bay Runninng Club friends. I’ve been joining them on Thursday evenings at 6:30PM out of the Manhattan Beach Skechers Store. Congratulations to SBRC member Cheyne Inman for taking 2nd place.

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