Saturday, December 29, 2012

Race Calendar Update and Setting Training Focus

I decided to withdraw from the Way Too Cool 50k in March. The race is hundreds of miles away on a Saturday and on a flat, fast course. I am interested in improving everything about my running, but I need to focus on getting faster at climbing and nutrition.

One good nutritional habit that I have, despite ignoring it today, is having a hearty breakfast. Reputable sources of nutrition advice recommend frontloading caloric intake earlier rather than later in the day and smartly timing it to varying levels of physical activity. Today, I skimped on breakfast calories before attempting a 50k training run. I ran well for about 18 miles, then bonked badly. I consumed some extra calories to compose myself enough to reach a bailout point. Coyote Running teammates David C. and David V. were gracious to slow down and endure some sluggish miles with me.

As for climbing, I am working on it. Simply practicing will promote improvement. There are significant gains to be made from getting leaner, too. I have a relatively short, but very challenging 21k race coming up next weekend at Boney Mountain. I look forward to pushing the downhills and not giving up too much time on the climbs, either.

Then, on April 27th, I will go for either a 50M or 50k PR at Leona Divide. I might do another shorter race in May at Malibu Creek, but my next big event at this point will be pacing my friend Deno at DRTE100. It will probably be about 50k in gnarly terrain. This race has a 48 hour time limit which is indicative of its difficulty. That will leave the rest of the Summer to prepare for September’s 100M at Pine to Palm. Based on previous results, I am projected to finish in 31 hours. I will be happy to just finish, but it seems to be a reasonable goal to beat that automized prediction.

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