Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fall Recap and 2013 Calendar

August- Pier to Pier Swim 
I enjoyed my third participation in this mass two-mile ocean swim from Hermosa to Manhattan Beach.

September- Mount Baldy Ascent
Got a late start and did not reach peak, but a memorable day nonetheless. 

October- Manhattan Beach 10k as part of 
an ascending set of 3x10k. Later in October, I course swept at an Xterra Trail Run at Point Mugu. 

November- XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot
course sweeping 

December- North Face Trail Marathon
There was a some rain during the event, but it was the heavy rains before the race that created extremely muddy course conditions. 

2013 calendar:
January 6th Boney Mountain 21k
January 27th Carlsbad Half Marathon
February 7-10th Triabetes Training Camp
March 9th Way to Cool 50k
April 27th Leona Divide 50M
June 14-16th DRTE100 *Pacing
September 14-15th Pine to Palm 100M

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