Thursday, March 22, 2012

AC100 Training Week 11 of 27

I had a fun mid-week night run with an Insulindependence friend from Arizona, Jerry Nairn. Jerry is a Marathon Maniac with over 50 marathons. I hope that he will be able to pace me from Shortcut (mile 59.3) to Chantry Flats (mile 74.55) at Angeles Crest in July.

On Saturday, I was set to participate in the Bulldog Road Bike Race at Camp Pendleton. I woke up by 5AM for breakfast and hit the road early. I was in San Clemente when my cousin Claudio called to inform me that the race organizers sent an email cancelling the race due to harsh weather. It was disappointing, but I will admit that I was nervous about the course conditions. The 10% descent with a turn at the bottom would have been especially treacherous. I think that they made a safe decision, but they could have made the same call the previous night based on the weather report. So instead of my first bike race, I stopped by my cousin's house for a second cup of coffee and to see my nephew. In April, I am signed up for the Leona Divide 50 miler, but will drop down to the 50k so that I can make it to his first birthday party that same day. Well, for that reason and it seems like a better training decision for me to run a few 50k's and back to backs rather than another 50 miler to best prepare for Angeles Crest.

On Sunday, I walked a couple of miles with Glucomotive Captain Terry Keelan at the Insulindependence Dawn Phenomenon in Manhattan Beach. Terry recently participated in the Ragnar del Sol Relay along with other IN Glucomotive Captains from across the country.

Sunday was also the day of the 2012 LA Marathon. I decided not to run it this year, but did at least go out to the course and witness my local big city urban marathon. I love the spirit of the marathon. The fastest elite athletes make distance running a spectator sport for a brief moment as they elegantly fly by. And dedicated runners of all speeds run with precision pacing to set new PR's. The "back of pack" runners are sometimes the most inspiring of all. New to running, overcoming disabilities, or just plain having a bad day, they continue with absolute determination to complete the 26.2 mile journey. I had friends racing to beat 3, 4, 6 hours, and beyond. My sincerest congratulations go out to each and every one of them.

Check out this time lapse video of the 2012 LA Marathon shot from someone's Silver Lake backyard:

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