Monday, March 12, 2012

AC100 Training Week 10 of 27

I waited a full ten days after the Ray Miller race before running again. During that time, I rode my bike (indoors and out) and went for a few walks. Tuesday night marked a return to run training. Ran a few treadmill miles and got in another good stationary bike ride at the gym. On Thursday, I ran the flat Strand pavement for the first time in several weeks.
On Saturday, I attended a preview run for the Leona Divide race which is on April 28th. I am signed up for the 50 miler, but may drop to the 50k adjusting around yet to be scheduled Angeles Crest 100 training runs. I also want to comfortably ride in the American Diabetes Association Long beach Tour de Cure the following day on April 29th. If you are familiar with the TdC and want to support my participation in it, please make a donation to my campaign by clicking here. ADA is important because it focuses on educating people about the disease by casting a wide net that appeals to both type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Back to the Leona Preview. It is the second time I have run in Lake Hughes. The first time was last Winter  with fresh snow (and ice) all around. This time, the weather was very nice, if a bit warm. I even got a slight sunburn out there today. It is a remote area requiring quite a trek along a windy mountain road. I may want to drive up the night before the actual race next month.

As usual, I enjoyed the company of lots of experienced runners. I ran 23 miles, which was the shortest sensible long route. Faster runners completed 30+ miles in even less time. I was content to spend some "time on feet" as a Coyote teammate named Chandra (who recently won her first ultra) described it as she flew past me around mile 18. I felt good the whole time and ran with the confidence of knowing I could run faster. Here's my gps file:

Next week is LA Marathon weekend. I am skipping the race this year, as my current training objectives do not justify a road marathon. I will volunteer at an aid station at Mile 22 on Sunday afternoon, though. Interestingly, the weather forecast is calling for rain again. Another marathon monsoon? Last year, the race was held on the day of the biggest Los Angeles storm in my memory. My stake is that I doing the Bulldog Road Bike Race on Saturday at Camp Pendleton and I hope for dry conditions. On Sunday morning before working at the marathon aid station, I will attend an Insulindependence Dawn Phenomenon run/walk in Manhattan Beach with Glucomotive Captain Terry Keelan. Come join us for a few miles at this free event.

Another update to mention is that I signed up for the Leadman Triathlon at Lake Mead on March 31st. As of today, there are three days remaining on a 50% off registration deal. The unique distance consists of a chilly 2.5k swim, very hilly 109.5 bike, and 10k run. It seems that this discount arose from a change in scheduled race date from May to March based on concerns over high likelihood for extreme heat on the initial May date. Read the race organizer's press release. I am also probably doing the Xterra Black Mountain 15k in Northeast San Diego on March 25th.

Today I enjoyed a very good massage. It was not a painful deep tissue which I love to hate, but instead was a relaxing simultaneous blend of yoga and massage. I will definitely do that again.

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