Monday, February 13, 2012

AC100 Training Week 6 of 27

I spent Monday's treadmill run challenging myself to run fast after walking up 15-18% incline intervals to simulate cresting a hill and immediately tackling a descent. I also mixed in some running at 6%.

On Tuesday, I ran a simple out and back on the The Hermosa Valley Greenbelt woodchip trail. I made a conscious effort to keep a steady, comfortable pace. My splits were fairly consistent.

On Wednesday, I hit the treadmill again. Yes, for the second time in a week. If I don't get up early enough to hit the trails in the morning, going to the gym and playing incline games on a treadmill after work is the next best way to practice climbing hills.

On Thursday, I hiked and ran with my friend America. She was one of the first people I knew to run marathons. While working at Leuzinger High School, she was a teacher mentor with the Students Run LA program. SRLA is an amazing character development program that accomplishes its mission around training youth to complete the LA Marathon. We went to Westridge and hiked up most of the singletrack ridge up to the Nike Tower, then ran back down along the fireroad.

I took Friday off from workouts, as usual.But instead of using the rest to prepare for a weekend of back to back long runs, this was the start of my two week taper for the Ray Miller 50.

On Saturday, I went for a three hour bike ride then ran for an hour. This cross-training taper is reminding me how much I enjoyed last year's buildup for my first Ironman. If the ocean was five degrees warmer right now, I would jump at the chance to pull my wetsuit on and swim in open water. I'll settle for a couple of pool swims this upcoming week. I will be volunteering at an Insulindependence Triathlon Training Camp in Tucson, Arizona next weekend.

I took an additional rest day on Sunday. I spent the morning lounging around finishing a book called "Always Running" by Luis Rodriguez which is actually NOT about running, but offers some insight into LA gang culture and one man's political education from that inculcated perspective. I also started my semester in an online class, the last one I need before I can apply to the Applied Studies program at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. I've taken a few classes in the program already since you can take a certain number of units before needing to be officially admitted. I plan to go full time and finally complete my bachelor's degree next year, then apply to a Master's in Public Health Program. From experience, I have found it helpful to not only set goals, but also freely put it out there and publicly commit to the endeavor. This blog post is about week 6 of my preparation for the Angeles Crest Endurance Run. Now you know what's in store for week 28!

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