Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Good Start to 2012

Towards the end of December, I bought a Garmin 310xt gps watch that helps me record lots of useful information about my workouts. I have been running without a watch for over a year, but decided that I would go back to using one so that I can track my progress in training for an extremely ambitious goal that I have set. I mentioned in my last post that I served as a pacer again at the Angeles Crest 100 in July. It was my second pacing stint at this prestigious endurance event, this time doubling my distance to 48 miles. What I failed to disclose is that I recently took the plunge and signed up to run the entire 100 miles from Wrightwood to Pasadena in July 2012.

I am very satisfied with my first week of training in 2012. I completed two road and three trail runs for a total just over 50 miles with 6,700 feet of climbing. Funnily enough, that either seems like an insane amount of running or a typical, even light volume week, depending on your perspective. In any case, I was able to race the Boney Mountain 21k today without any lingering fatigue from the week of training. This is a really difficult course with two significant climbs. I have run the loop twice before. At a training pace, without the motivation of a racing environment, it has taken me nearly three hours. Today, I was able to push the pace enough to finish in under 2.5 hours.

There were many, many Coyote Running teammates out at Boney Mountain today racing, cheering, and volunteering. I also saw a friend from Insulindependence/ Triabetes at the start. Afterwards, the Coyotes took this group picture (photo by Chandra Farnham):

Looking ahead, I will probably not have the opportunity to run as much this week. I’ll aim to log a long run on Thursday because I have to work all day on Saturday and will probably drive down to support Insulindependence at the Carlsbad Marathon on Sunday. I’ll definitely wear my running shoes in case I sneak in a few miles on the course. My next race will be the Ray Miller 50 Miler on February 25th.

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