Sunday, January 15, 2012

AC100 Training Week 2 of 27

Two weeks into the new year, all is well and I am gradually building up my mileage. I made it to 58 miles this week with about 5,500 feet of climbing. Here’s my week in review:

On Monday, I did not run at all. I felt good after the Boney Mountain race, but decided to opt for a short spin on a stationary bike. I did go for a fairly long road run on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I ran two 5k’s separated by enough time to fully recover in between sets. Then, on Thursday, I completed a rare treadmill session. It was short, under an hour, but I did spend some time with the incline up to 15-18% for some hiking practice. No workouts on Friday, except for being on my feet and walking around for most of my eight hour workday.

I enjoyed some great training over the weekend. I went for a five hour trail run on Saturday. I started at 12:30PM, so it actually started to get dark by the time I finished. Although not entirely necessary, I took it as an opportunity practice running with a headlamp during the last half hour. The Santa Monica Mountains are familiar territory for me, but I will admit I inadvertently ran a few extra miles when I passed a turn at Sullivan off dirt Mulholland. I realized the mistake when I reached Temescal nearing the Hub before finally turned around and backtracking to where I was supposed to go. I was well prepared for the extra hour the detour cost me, carrying adequate gear and nutrition, so I was glad to extend the run a little bit. Here's a screen shot of the run or click here for the full details.

I am noticing that I can complete my long runs on fewer calories and with more sustained energy levels compared to last year. Optimistically, I attribute this to improved fat-burning efficiency. I used to need 300-500 calories per hour which may be higher than my body could comfortably digest while on the move. I tend to have a big breakfast and lunch, then two smaller meals later in the day. While running, I am now consuming 200-300 calories per hour with occasionally more substantial snacks when available, low in energy, or to catch dropping blood sugar readings. As far as my diabetes control goes, I continue to maintain good control, especially while participating in endurance sports. I have adapted to the increased insulin sensitivity that results from so much exercise. My diabetes learning focus this year is on staying within the 100-160 mg/dL range when tapering for or recovering from races. My strategies are well balanced for typical weeks of training, but need more prudent adjustment when outside my normal routines are interrupted by various circumstances. I will probably scale back my mileage this week since I have been in a building phase since mid-December, so I will mindfully experiment with my insulin basal dose and bolus ratios as the week takes shape.

I topped off the weekend on Sunday with the Coyote Running training program. We met in Marina del Rey this week and spent a little while cheering for the LA 13.1 racers at around mile 3 of the course. The Coyotes are known for having a strong presence at all the local races, road and trail, both in the competition and on the sidelines. As the back of the race began to pass us, we started our run in the opposite direction towards Venice Beach and Santa Monica. The group I ran with went for ten miles today.

I also made some progress this week in recruiting a crew for AC100. I’ll report more on that soon. If  you are interested in helping out in July, post a comment here. Training partners, pacers, logistics, medical/first aid, and general support are all welcome.


  1. Thanks Brennan. See you in Carlsbad on Sunday. Check the Xterra Black Mountain race. It's a fast trail race down towards San Diego that I am signed up for in March.

  2. Keep up the good work! AC is a going to eat us up.

  3. Thanks, Chris. I hope you can make it back to the finish line after running 100 miles, taking a shower, eating, and sleeping 8 hours to see me finish! lol


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