Friday, April 22, 2011

Recent Highlights of Training for Ironman Saint George

March 20th, LA Marathon. My ironman training plan had me scheduled for a 20 mile run today, so it would just be a few extra miles. It rained as hard as it ever does in LA with gusting winds and near freezing temperatures. I ran the first 6 miles at a comfortable pace, then sped up slightly for the rest of the race. Saw a friend after the race who has finished the LA Marathon almost 20 consecutive years. Many friends were able to achieve their goals at the marathon this year. Looking forward to running it again in 2012.

March 26th, Great Race of Agoura Hills. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain leading up the race, the trail race was canceled and we were transferred to the road half marathon. In addition this event also has a 5k and mile race. A great recovery run after last week's marathon.

April 2nd. Ironman California, Oceanside. Spent time with Triabuddy and other Insulindependence friends over the weekend. Attended an open house at iD's new headquarters in Solana Beach on Friday and a bbq in Carlsbad on Saturday. Sunday, several teammates competed in the Carlsbad 5000. I already registered for the 2012 Carlsbad 5000 and will consider the triathlon, too.

April 9th. Mulholland Challenge Century. 112 miles with almost 13,000 feet of climbing. 10:32 including aid station stops, probably 10 hours of pedaling. The start was freezing, around 32 degrees. I finished this ride despite a mechanical problem which a volunteer fixed while I refilled my water bottles and had a snack.

April 17th. Malibu Creek Xterra training run. I won't be able to race at the upcoming 50k at Malibu Creek on May 7th because Ironman Saint George falls on that same day. I am still attending the training runs as this is one of my favorite trail run loops. Last week's century ride passed through the roads in the Malibu Creek State Park. This was the on the same trails as the March 6th PCTR race.