Saturday, October 16, 2010

Optimist Swim Challenge

With a noon start and discounted entry fee, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to participate in the Optimist Swim Challenge. I completed the shortest distance option, 1.2 miles. The main event was a marathon swim of 12.6 miles.

My time was nothing impressive (42:58), but I felt great in the water. For the first time in an open water swim, I was able to draft the entire way. A great warm-up for next week's Pumpkinman half ironman triathlon! I hope to complete either the 4.8 or 2.4 mile distance next year. Pre-register for the 2011 event at

Congratulations to my Triabetes teammate, Julie, for finishing the 2.4 mile race in preparation for her first ironman at IMAZ in just a few weeks.


  1. I'm definitely doing it with you next year... Probably the 2.4m

  2. Cool. They make you swim to shore halfway through so there's actually two beach entries/exits in the 2.4


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